03-09-2019 - 12-09-2019

Ganpati festival is a big event in Pune. This event is conducted for 10 long days. Worshippers offer garlands and Flowers to the Lord Ganpati throughout the event. Few lakh citizens visit Pune during this period. We at Rotary Club of Pune YUVA have been conducting this project for few years now where we convert these floral wastes offering into manure. This project provides temporary job to many people for sorting of floral waste and feeding to automachine which shreds it into bits for easy converting to manure. Conducting this activity has stopped the Floral Waste from being dumped into live river of Pune thereby avoiding Water Pollution of mutha river in Pune which is a major source of water to the city. We have stopped almost 90 tonnes of floral waste from polluting the river. As a subsequent activity of the whole thing, the Shred Floral waste is then converted into Manure by natural decomposition of this waste which is distributed to Farmers.

Project Details

Start Date 03-09-2019
End Date 12-09-2019
Project Cost 100000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 1000
No of direct Beneficiaries 50000
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners 1. Pune Municipal Corporation - by providing PErmissions, Providing Space to Shredding Activity and Other Support for Nirmalya Collection and Clearing other Waste. 2.NGO - The Escstacy for PRomotion of Nirmalya Segregation & Collection Activity among citizens.
Project Category Basic education and literacy, Club Thrust Area, District Thrust Area, Others, Water and sanitation